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The OPEN Foundation has published hundreds of blog posts since its inception in 2007, including interviews with many leading psychedelic experts. On this page, you can access our publications that address various interdisciplinary topics, substances, and therapies.

Reflections on The FDA’s Psychedelic Trial Guidance

On June 23rd, 2023, the FDA made history in the psychedelics space by presenting its first-ever recommendations and considerations for executing clinical trials involving psychedelic drugs. With the growing popularity and research in this field, it’s a significant step forward in governmental institutions recognizing the potential of these substances.


Dutch Government establishes MDMA state commission

The Dutch Government establishes a state commission to investigate the risks and benefits of MDMA, including its potential medical use. The commission will study the impact of MDMA on individuals, society, and public health. Additionally, the commission will examine the advantages and disadvantages of potential medical applications of MDMA. 


OPEN Director Joost Breeksema appears on major dutch talkshow

Joost Breeksema, director of the OPEN Foundation, made an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of Dutch talkshow OP1. The conversation delved into the use of psychedelics in psychiatry. Retired professional cyclist Thomas Dekker explained how he used magic truffles to fight his depression after leaving the sport. Joost joined the table as an expert on therapeutic applications of psychedelics and a proponent of a programmatic research and implementation programme.


ECNP conference: an overview of recent psychedelic research

On March 19 and 20, 2023, the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) organised the New Frontiers Meeting on Psychedelics in Nice, France. Various researchers and clinicians joined this event to talk about the current state of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAT). Here are some of the most interesting developments in the field of psychedelic research.


Ketamine in the Dutch mental healthcare system

This report (only available in Dutch) describes the current state of (es)ketamine treatments within mental healthcare in the Netherlands. The report aims to contribute to an effective and safe implementation of ketamine in the Dutch mental healthcare system.

Joost Breeksema, directeur Stichting OPEN, (midden) en minister Ernst Kuipers (rechts) tijdens de presentatie van het rapport. Foto: UMCG

Dutch Minister of Health Kuipers receives report on the therapeutic applications of psychedelics

On Monday, March 6th 2023, the report ‘Therapeutic applications of psychedelics’ was presented to Dutch minister Ernst Kuipers of the ministry department Health, Well-being, and Sport. Joost Breeksema, executive director of the OPEN Foundation and co-author of the report, was one of the organisers of this event that took place at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG).



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