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The OPEN Foundation has published hundreds of blog posts since its inception in 2007, including interviews with many leading psychedelic experts. On this page, you can access our publications that address various interdisciplinary topics, substances, and therapies.

Psychedelics and Addiction: Beyond the High

Picture yourself caught in a daily struggle with a behavior or substance that you know is harmful, yet finding the support and effective treatment you need feels like an impossible task. The stigma surrounding addiction casts a shadow over your attempts to seek help, making you hesitant to reach out for fear of being judged or misunderstood. You are not entirely aware that professional help is available. Where could you possibly go to? From this perspective, the road to recovery appears daunting and uncertain, with each step forward accompanied by doubts and challenges that seem extremely challenging to overcome.

pia dijkstra dutch minister of healthcare

Dutch Minister Pia Dijkstra to Open Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research

The upcoming sixth edition of the Interdisciplinary Conference for Psychedelic Research (ICPR) will feature an official opening by the Dutch Minister of Medical Care, Pia Dijkstra, in Haarlem on June 6. This event marks a significant moment in showcasing the increasing acceptance and support for psychedelic-assisted therapies (PAT) among European politicians. The conference will highlight groundbreaking research and the expansion of PAT support across Europe, aiming to further the discourse on its therapeutic potential and regulatory considerations.


Rick Strassman: At the forefront of DMT research

In this blog, we’ll touch on some chapters of the life and work of Dr. Strassman, from his academic pursuit with psychedelic substances to his profound insights into the innovative therapeutic models of DMT administration. Ultimately, the following article aims to introduce you to some of Dr Strassman’s earlier and current work with a special focus on N,N Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), the active component of ayahuasca.



Brendan Borrell’s recently published New York Times article, The Psychedelic Evangelist, about Johns Hopkins University’s late pioneering researcher Roland Griffiths, joins a series of blog posts, news articles, and academic papers discussing problematic aspects of psychedelic science. Some of these concern personal misconduct, but others are rooted much deeper. Psychedelics bring together human psychology and chemical compounds, science, metaphysics, and cultures. They are explored by pharmacologists and philosophers, anthropologists and psychiatrists, all trying to study what’s in a psychedelic, each with their own vocabulary and worldview. Some of the problems that arise from psychedelic research represent old schisms between the sciences and the humanities and questions about knowledge as a whole. Here too, psychedelics seem to have a revealing effect, exposing our own thinking mechanisms.


Beyond Physics: Exploring Consciousness with Bernardo Kastrup’s Analytical Idealism

Are you ready to flip the script of reality and dive deep into a world that is purely mental and not so much physical? Meet the founder of Essentia Foundation, PhD. Bernardo Kastrup. Blending neuroscience and philosophy, his captivating ideas are embedded in the concept of analytical idealism. Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey beyond the confines of conventional thought. Join Bernado for his upcoming call at OPEN Foundation! The next lines aim to give you a general understanding of his ideas about the reality of the mind and eventually bridge analytical idealism with psychedelic experiences.


Better sex beyond the trip: Enhanced sexual functioning months after a psychedelic experience

Many Psychonauts and plenty of anecdotes describe that altered states of consciousness – induced by psychedelics, such as psilocybin (the active component of magic mushroom), LSD or 5-meo DMT – can foster an intimate, novel and magical sexual experience. But is there also evidence for positive effects on sexual functioning that outlast the drug experience and carry over into the sober, everyday life?


Interdisciplinary conference on psychedelic research / iCPR 2024 6 – 8 June / Save the date!

The OPEN Foundation is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 6th edition of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research – Europe’s leading academic gathering dedicated to advancing psychedelic research and therapies. At ICPR 2024, we aim to bridge and connect these disciplines, and to facilitate an important dialogue between the diverse academic fields and researchers involved in advancing psychedelic research and therapies.



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