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The OPEN Foundation is very grateful for the frequent and enthusiastic messages it receives from people who want to contribute to our mission. Please note that vacancies will depend on the current team composition and the plans we have for a given year.

VOLUNTEER Opportunities

In addition to our staff members, the core teams at OPEN and ICPR are formed by a rockstar team of dedicated volunteers, coming from a variety of disciplines such as event production, programming, marketing, media, design, logistics and operations.

Join our team and get opportunities to contribute to OPEN and ICPR! We'd love to align our needs with your goals.

We offer volunteer positions in these area's, both for OPEN and ICPR 2024:

Operations & Logistics

Forms the cohesive link within our organisation. Optimises workflows, streamlines internal processes, and seamlessly integrates different teams to ensure the smooth execution of projects and initiatives.

Marketing & Communications

The voice and storyteller of our organisation. Develops engaging content, manages our online campaigns, and oversees our social media platforms.

Event programming

The orchestrator of our organisation's gatherings. From workshops and meet ups to our flagship ICPR Conference.

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Career Opportunities

Below is the list of employment vacancies currently available at the OPEN Foundation. If you can't find one you're excited about, we encourage you to get in touch with us via our contact page for future opportunities.

There currently are no listings, check back in the future or sign up to our bi-weekly newsletter!


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