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The OPEN Foundation offers a series of educational and community-based membership, training, and research programmes. We design our programmes for psychedelic professionals, policymakers, members of the public, and other experts with an interest in advancing psychedelic research..


We're in the process of launching our new, multi-tiered membership programme designed for continuing to provide our audiences with content and opportunities to form connections throughout the year and between conferences. Whether you're a researcher, a scientist, a therapist, a clinician, a healthcare professional, a student or just interested in advancements in psychedelics, you're going to love what we're putting together. Click below to learn more about the OPEN Foundation's membership programme.


Since 2007, we've been bringing together world leading experts in psychedelic research and therapies to share their knowledge with our audiences through organising lectures, workshops, and master classes. Currently, we're working on new training programmes for clinicians and therapists who'd like to learn more about practicing psychedelic-assisted therapies. Click below to learn more about the OPEN Foundation's training programmes.


Although we don't directly conduct psychedelic-assisted studies, we do collaborate with many of the leading organisations working in psychedelic research and therapies. We also work with health ministries and policymakers in the Netherlands and across Europe to ensure that safe, beneficial, and accessible applications of psychedelics are ethically and responsibly integrated into science, healthcare, and society. Click below to get involved and learn more about OPEN Foundation's research programmes.


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