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Besides conferences, trainings and other educational events, the OPEN Foundation also organises a series of monthly meetups that bring together professionals and members of the public interested in psychedelics. Our on-site events include discussions, networking, film screenings, and more.


Discover a variety of local events, from friendly community meet-ups to interesting talks with likeminded people. Whether you're a psychonaut, a professional or just curious, our local events are all about connecting and having a meaningful time with our community.


Apart from ICPR, the OPEN Foundation has organised many on-site events that emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to advancing psychedelic research and therapies. Check out some of the past events below.

Bitesized: mushrooms

🗣 Led by (Cato de Vos & Pim van de Noort) 

⏰ Saturday 18 May, 13:00PM – 16:00 CET

📍Sexylandworld (Noordwal 1, 1021PX, Amsterdam)

OPEN Community Meetup in Amsterdam!

Connect with the OPEN community and meet other fellow psychedelic enthusiasts and professionals in a laid-back atmosphere at the Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater!

You are welcome to join us and find out about the latest in psychedelic science, research and therapy, expand your network and make friends, and of course, have fun.

Mingling, sharing and expending our psychedelic horizons. That's what our meet-ups are about. See you there on 20 March at 19:30!


Film Screening: Dosed

In partnership with APRA, the OPEN Foundation is hosting a Film Screening of the movie Dosed: The Trip of a Lifetime!

Attending this event is an interactive experience, unlike watching it on your own. You'll have the chance to connect with the like-minded individuals directly and ask questions, allowing you to explore the topic in greater depth.

Read more here.

26 Oct 23 copy

Psychedelic pub quiz

APRA and the OPEN Foundation are once again teaming up for a psychedelic gathering, to put our knowledge about psychedelics to the ultimate test! Connect with fellow enthusiasts in a relaxed, social atmosphere and share your passion for psychedelic research. Challenge your friends and enjoy the thrill of competition with prizes and surprises for the winners. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a traditional pub with great food, drinks, and good company, all while expanding your knowledge!

Read more here.

OPEN Local Meet-up (Utrecht)

We welcome you to our next local meet-up in Utrecht! This event is an ode to the most mind-bending, eye-popping, and downright trippy items hiding in the depths of your wardrobe.

Read more here.


First Network Meeting for European MDMA Researchers & Therapists

In December 2017 at the start of Phase 2 trials in Europe, the first network meeting for European MDMA researchers and therapists was held in scenic Castle Endegeest, near the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. The meeting was organised by OPEN and the Dutch therapist team responsible for conducting the first Dutch study into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD. MAPS provided additional support for this event.


Future of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy

This Q&A session was part of the programme during the Opening Up symposium in Amsterdam Joost Breeksema (director of OPEN Foundation) interviewed Rick Doblin, PhD (founder, executive director of MAPS) and Torsten Passie, MD (expert in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and pharmacology) about the therapeutic potential of MDMA, the differences with classical psychedelics, therapeutic interventions, and the various ways in which these therapies could be integrated into mainstream healthcare.


Symposium: Psychedelics and science

Co-organised by the KNAW (the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences) and the OPEN Foundation, during this symposium, experts from a variety of disciplines within medicine, the social sciences and the humanities, came together to discuss the scientific study of psychedelics. Intended for scientists and scholars, it laid the foundation for an interdisciplinary network of academics interested in this topic, and to connect more effectively with international research in this area.


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13 June - Near Death Experiences & Psychedelic Experiences