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We are ready for ICPR 2022! Three days of psychedelic science, on three stages, with more than 150 speakers and presenters. We’ve made an overview of the programme highlights so you can prep for the conference.


The music of psychedelics

Dr. Mendel Kaelen doesn’t believe the perfect playlist for psychedelic therapy exists. After ten years of research, Dr. Kaelen, Founder and CEO of Wavepaths, has developed an evidence-based, person-centered generative music product that allows the user and therapist to create a tailored music experience.

Wavepaths provides music both for and as psychedelic therapy, Mendel explained to the OPEN Foundation: “Music is a very powerful tool and I’m confident that we can view music as a psychedelic.”



We are extremely happy to be able to socialise with all of you soon at ICPR 2022. Yet we are fully aware of multiple ongoing crises right now. Out of care and concern for our living environment and other species, we decided to reduce ICPR’s ecological footprint per person compared to earlier conferences.
We have opted for vegetarian, mostly organic meals, have created a digital conference booklet instead of a printed one, and have dispatched with the tradition of physical swag bags…


Previewing ICPR 2022: A Full Week of Psychedelic Science

For those coming to ICPR next month, we’d like to share what we have in store for you. We have our preliminary programme posted, and planned events, presentations and parties! Now that it seems our tickets sales are filling the Philharmonie in Haarlem to the rim, we’d like to take you on a preview of the week of ICPR.

In this post, the the full conference programme, the events surrounding the conference, the most important themes at this year’s conference, and… info about the afterparty!.


Michael Bogenschutz has new research on psychedelics and alcohol – AND IS COMING TO ICPR

Our final speaker for ICPR 2022 has been confirmed! It is none other than Dr. Michael Bogenschutz, who is a professor of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Director of the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine. Dr. Bogenschutz is well known for launching the first contemporary study of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for alcohol use disorder in 2015. He has published extensively on the topic of addiction and the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.


Why 5-MeO-DMT is one of the most fascinating psychedelics there is

It’s a close cousin of DMT and knocked out boxer Mike Tyson enough to change his life around: 5-MeO-DMT. The psychedelic substance has become the topic of new scientific research that will also feature at ICPR. “It has the apparent ability to induce states of ego dissolution in a reliable fashion”, says one researcher studying its potential for psychedelic therapy.



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Live Event on 1 June: Bill Richards & Janis Phelps - Intentions, Interpersonal Grounding and Integration in Psychedelic Therapy