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Lecture VU Amsterdam: Psychedelica als medicijn?


OPEN organizes a lecture about the potential medicinal and therapeutic values of psychedelic substances at the VU University on Monday February 3rd. Can ibogaine or other substances help to get rid of an addiction or psychological disorders?

Joost Breeksema, the president of OPEN, will open this lecture with an overview of recent and historical research into the therapeutic applications of psychedelics. After that, Maarten Belgers and Thomas Knuijver, both physicians specialized in addiction, will talk about ibogaine and their research into this substance. What is the scientific knowledge about ibogaine until now, why do they want to research this substance, and what does this study look like? There are only 150 seats available, so if you want to ensure yourself of a ticket please arrive early. Ticket sales will start at 15:30.

Practical information:

Where: Vrije Universiteit. Van der Boechorststraat 7, Amsterdam.

When: Monday February 3rd 2014. From 16:00 until 18:00.

Price: Members VSPVU: €3 / Others: €4,50

Please note that this lecture will be in Dutch.

Santo Daime: betekenis en aantrekkingskracht van een ayahuasca-religie

WuytsEr is een nieuw boek verschenen over de Santo Daime van de hand van Jazmin Wuyts, afgestudeerd in culturele antropologie en ontwikkelingssociologie. Het boek, “Santo Daime; betekenis en aantrekkingskracht van een ayahuasca-religie”, is een geredigeerde versie van Wuyts’ afstudeerscriptie. De connectie tussen de Santo Daime in Brazilië en Nederland wordt onder de loep genomen, en wat het boek bijzonder maakt is dat het alleen gebaseerd is op literatuur en interviews – Wuyts heeft zelf niet deelgenomen aan de rituelen. De hoofdvraag die in het boek behandeld wordt is “Wat is de betekenis en aantrekkingskracht van de Santo Daime-religie voor de deelnemers en hoe kan men verklaren dat het in minder dan een eeuw over de hele wereld is verspreid?”

Santo Daime: betekenis en aantrekkingskracht van een ayahuasca-religie, Jazmin Wuyts, gepubliceerd door de auteur. ISBN 978-90-8759-058-1.

The Beyond Within

TheBeyondWithinDr. Sidney Cohen tells with precision and restraint the story of the most interesting among them, LSD, in this book. He has long worked with the drug under hospital conditions and is aware both of its possibilities and its drawbacks. He gives many detailed accounts of LSD feelings in different subjects, and they are fascinating and colorful. He indicates the uses and possible uses of LSD in tapping the unconscious or the abnormal mind, and the usefulness of this for therapists. He discusses LSD in terms of “model psychosis” or “instant Zen.” He treats mystical experiences and visions in terms of what we have learned from these drugs. In a fascinating chapter he discusses hallucinogens for possible war use—they have been considered as incapacitating agents that might limit lethal warfare—and he shows how they too would lead to death. “A pill does not construct character, educate the emotions, or improve intelligence,” writes Dr. Cohen. “It is not a spiritual labor-saving device, salvation, instant wisdom, or a shortcut to maturity. However, it can be an opportunity to experience oneself and the world in a new way—and to learn from it. “The book is free of medical jargon. It tells thestory of LSD—which is full of brilliant color andbright new deep perception—trying to keep the experience intact. We all live in a world of sensation, and it is sensation itself that is illuminated here. Dr. Cohen explores LSD as a possible gateway to the vastness within.

The Beyond Within: The L.S.D. Story, by Sydney Cohen, Atheneum, 268 pages.

Available online for free