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Petra Bokor – Integration process and possible therapeutic effects of ayahuasca in non-therapeutic setting

The presentation starts with an overview of the research on the psychotherapeutic effects of ayahuasca and presents in details an investigation into the integration process of ayahuasca experiences. Eleven individuals participating in a series of ayahuasca rituals were followed for the period of one year in a study carried out in Hungary. A core theme was identified from each participant’s intentions and emerging psychological issues and the changes on such themes were tracked during both the participants’ ayahuasca experiences and their day-to-day lives. A methodology aiming to assess therapeutic change was used for the analysis, dividing the therapeutic process into seven phases from problem definition to termination. By the end of the research, almost all participants attained and began to practice a new behaviour pattern to their problems, all of them at varying levels and pace. Participants provided rich subjective reports involving remarkable breakthroughs as well as crises. Another Hungarian study carried out by Dr. Ede Frecska, aiming to investigate ayahuasca’s effects on creativity, will also be touched upon.