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Jacqueline Braak – Insight in Ayahuasca

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In literature much can be found about the visions and the insights people can get from ayahuasca. What is striking here is that the visions are described in great detail while the insights only marginally are mentioned. This lack of information lead to a bachelor thesis on the insights ayahuasca can give. What kinds of insights can people get? Are these insights applicable in daily life? If yes, how do people use these insights? These questions were central in the research ‘Insight in Ayahuasca’. Through interviews a first effort was made to answer these questions. The difference in setting and its possible influence on the insights people gain is also researched. A distinction was made between the religious setting (Santo Daime) and the ritual setting (shamanistic/therapeutic) and if the insights can actually be used in daily life. In this presentation the results of this research will be set out.

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