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European Psilocybin Seminar at Tyringham Hall

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Tyringham Hall In June 2017, a two-day seminar on psilocybin for European therapists and researchers took place at Tyringham Hall, in the UK. The event was organised by OPEN in collaboration with UK mental health company Compass Pathways.
During a wonderful weekend at Tyringham Hall, near Oxford in the UK, attendees were invited to learn from leading experts in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, to discuss necessary competencies and other requirements for clinical applications of psilocybin, and to better understand pathways towards regulatory approval and patient access.
Facilitated by leading experts in the field of psilocybin research and therapy from the US, Switzerland and the UK, the participants discussed competencies for (new) therapists aiming to conduct research into psilocybin for various clinical indications. Attendees could learn from both patients and therapists on the importance of preparing, and supporting people in psilocybin-facilitated treatment at NYU, Imperial College and in Switzerland.
This small meeting consisted of a great mixture of academic researchers, clinicians and therapists from all over Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Israel and the United Kingdom. With serious discussions, plenty of time for everyone to connect and share experiences, in a breath-taking setting, this was an inspiring first meeting of like-minded researchers and clinicians.

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