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Effects of mescaline and lysergic acid (d-LSD-25)

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The effects of mescaline and lysergic acid were studied in schizophrenic patients. It was found that physiological changes were produced in these patients and that their mental symptomatology was markedly aggravated. The observations made with the above-mentioned drugs on normal individuals were compared with those seen in schizophrenic patients. Mescaline and lysergic acid are drugs that disorganize the psychic integration of a person. This disorganization is much more apparent in schizophrenics than in normals. The diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic use of these drugs is also discussed.

Hoch, P. H., Cattell, J. P., & Pennes, H. H. (1952). Effects of mescaline and lysergic acid (d-LSD-25). American Journal of Psychiatry108(8), 579-584.,10.1176/ajp.108.8.579

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