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Dutch plans for ibogaine research

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An article in Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant shows there are plans to study the effectiveness of ibogaine in the treatment of addiction in Nijmegen.

The research team, consisting of addiction doctor Maarten Belgers and psychiatrist Toon van Oosteren, works in cooperation with the Radboud University in Nijmegen – to study whether ibogaine can – under strict medical conditions – be used effectively in the treatment of substance dependence. Despite various studies in animals, there has yet been no clinical study in humans. This study would be the first.

In de Volkskrant, Toon van Oosteren states that the researchers intend to subject ten to fifteen people with substance dependence to a treatment with ibogaine. Presently, the team is looking for ibogaine that is pure enough to comply with the rigorous scientific standards for medicines.

Read the whole article in Dutch here.

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