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Anti-mycobacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of Peganum harmala.

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimycobacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of the methanolic extracts of Peganum harmala (Esphand) collected from Golestan province, north of Iran. Methods: Hydroalcoholic extract of seeds of Peganum harmala were obtained and screened for anti-mycobacterial activity by disc diffusion (DD) method. The anti-inflammatory activity of the extract was evaluated by cytokines measurement using ELISA in a model of phagocytized intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis, H37Rv strain, in dU937cells. Free radical-scavenging activity, total phenolic, flavonoids and Harmalin concentrations were assessed to investigate phytochemical properties of the extract. Our data showed the inhibitory effect of the extract on growth of all strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis even on drug resistant strains. Cytokines production in culture media showed the anti-inflammatory activity of the extract. The antioxidant (IC50 (DPPH assay) was 53.6 ± 0.50 mg/L. The amount of total phenolic and flavonoids components was 61.5 ± 0.80 gGAE/kg and 42.20 ± 0.60 respectively. These findings revealed the potential ability of the Peganum harmala s seed as a complementary medicine to treat tuberculosis.

Davoodi, H., Ghaemi, E., Mazandarani, M., Shakeri, F., Javid, S. N., & Klishadi, M. (2015). Anti-mycobacterial and anti-inflammatory activity of Peganum harmala. Journal of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research, 7(4).
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