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BITESIZED: Mushrooms

:date: Saturday 18 May, 13:00PM – 16:00 CET

:world_map: Sexylandworld, Noordwal 1, 1021PX AMS


Got a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for mushrooms? Want to share a fungal feast and talk mushrooms with novices and experts?

OPEN foundation and TitsOut4Snacks brings you an out-of-hours event to delve into the wonder of mushrooms, centred around a lunch executed by the friendly TitsOut4Snacks as part of their new BITESIZED series. On the sun-struck terrace of SexylandWorld, we will share insights about mycology, look into the psychedelic potential of mushrooms, and spark conversations through thought-provoking questions and revealing dishes. The lively edible table will also explore different culinary traditions involving mushrooms and why these methods morph mushrooms into an array of different flavours and textures. Succulent, steaming, and stimulating.


[Pim/He] is a true fungal enthusiast. A mushroom grower, researcher, and self-taught forager who wants to share the potential that both mushrooms and mycelium hold in tackling current issues. In his talk we understand how fungi support the growth of a spectrum of plants from the land, and the value and method of growing mushrooms yourself.
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[Cato/She] works in the field of mental health research with a specific focus in psychedelics, trauma, addiction, and psychosis. She holds a BSc in neuroscience and MSc in neurobiology from the University of Amsterdam and has experience with setting-up several clinical trials investigating psychedelics-assisted therapy in the Netherlands. She also studies psychology to become a qualified (psychedelics-assisted) therapist. Besides, Cato is involved in the programming for the OPEN Foundation and its biannual conference Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR 2022, 2024), and provides harm reduction and psychedelic care at (inter)national music festivals. Her talk will provide a glimpse into the practice of (Euro-American) psychedelic therapy and offer prompts for reflection on how harm-reduction and trauma-informed care might be approached with the help of these curious beasts.
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