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Pathways to Access Summit | Pre-Event Online Q&A


🗣 Joost Breeksema (Executive Director, OPEN Foundation)
     Tadeusz Hawrot (Founder & Executive Director, PAREA)
     Josh Hardman (Founder & Editor, Psychedelic Alpha)
     Marcus Strath (Co-Managing Director, Norrsken Mind)
     Floris Wolswijk (Founder, Blossom)
     Ray Yang (Moderator)

⏰ Thursday 16 May, 8PM CET (7PM GMT, 2PM EST, 11AM PST)

📍 Online (Zoom)

What is the Pathways to Access Summit?

With the FDA likely approving MDMA-assisted therapy as a treatment for PTSD later this year in the United States, and the evidence supporting the potential of psychedelic therapies further accumulating, 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the therapeutic use of psychedelics. However, the path to approval and – crucially – patient access in Europe remains uncertain. 

The full-day Pathways to Access Summit (Paths) convenes key stakeholders from Europe and beyond to explore the opportunities and challenges around the development, approval, and eventual integration of psychedelic medicines into mainstream European health care.

This summit will unravel the complexities of European regulatory frameworks, addressing the diverse and ever-changing healthcare systems, assessments for pricing and reimbursement, and unique regulatory challenges. We will identify which stakeholders to engage with at each stage of the journey from bench to bedside and share best practices for doing so. We will discuss how to effectively navigate the European regulatory landscape, incorporating insights from other regulatory systems, and offer a well-rounded perspective on the different approaches and best practices to psychedelic medicine regulation.


What is the event about?

Join us for an exclusive online pre-event to the Pathways to Access Summit, where we’ll delve into the motivations and visions behind this pivotal summit. This event is your opportunity to connect directly with the co-organisers of Paths and gain insights into why access to psychedelic medicines in Europe is a critical issue at this moment.

This free online event is designed to provide a platform for open dialogue about Paths, where you will be able to ask questions of your interest. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, policy maker, researcher, or simply interested in the future of healthcare, this event will equip you with essential information and perspectives on the forefront of psychedelic medicine.

Join us to explore these pressing questions and prepare for the groundbreaking discussions that will take place at the Pathways to Access Summit.



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